Whether you're climbing, trekking, backpacking or globe-trotting, you'll need gear to help get you there. When you need a backpack, gear back or rolling duffel, you can count on us for versatile, travel-feature-focused gear that will conquer any environment.


Deviate Travel Packs

Unscripted Travel

Travel Backpacks designed for the soulful traveler whose plans are loose and list of destinations is long. Functional, versatile, organized and dependable, Deviate travel backpacks will get you there and back. Time and again.
ES3 Exploration System

Flip Switch™ Series

Lighten Your Load

The Flip Switch™ Wheeled Backpack has something you've never seen before: Zip-away backpack straps and hip belt that reside in the front panel (rather than the back) for a better carry. And they're removable. Check it out.

Gear Warrior™ Duffels

Real. Big. Gear.

These expedition-size rolling duffels are the embodiment of smart travel gear. Crammed with smart travel features that allow for packing tons of gear, these bags are superlight without sacrificing an ounce of durability.
ES3 Exploration System

Load Warrior™ Duffels

Rugged Versatility

With the innovative Equipment Keeper™, tons of grab handles, lash points, and reflective safety accents, these rolling duffel bags give versatility a redefined meaning. Offered in three size options, these bags are unbelievably convenient.
Ease Collection

Morphus™ Series

1 Bag Becomes 2. Really.

Ultra-durable, ultra-versatile, ultra-light. Need another bag? Simply zip the front gear bag off of the polycarbonate back shell to create two full-sized bags. Now you’ve got a backpack/duffel option and a polycarbonate wheeled bag. Innovation for ultimate versatility.

No Matter What™ Flashpoint Duffels

Water-Resistant Dependability

These bags are unquestionably the most reliable duffel bag on the market. They're constructed in our ultra-durable water-resistant Bi-Tech™ material and can be easily rolled-up and stored in their stuff sac. With or without wheels, we've got you covered.
Travel Gateway.jpg

ORV Trunks

Gear Worthy & Travel-Tested

Who says you can't take it all? These burly Bi-Tech™ rolling duffel bags are made for those whose gear runneth over. Ultra durable with a Bi-Tech™ wet/dry compartment for gear, these bags were built for only the biggest adventures.

Switchback™ Series

Travel-Tested Genius

Reinvented Genius: The new Switchback™ wheeled backpack now has removable Back-to-Back™ Straps for weight reduction and features a spacious zip-off backpack with laptop and tablet sleeves. First introduced in 1995, it keeps raising the bar.

Tarmac Series

Rugged With Refined Simplicity

Prefer a 4-wheeled polycarbonate hybrid bag, or a 2-wheeled classic? These expandable rolling bags are wicked durable with Bi-Tech™ water-resistant fabric. Lightweight, rugged, and organized; they are always a great idea.