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Pack-It Folders
Pack-It™ Folders
Fold it. Use folders to get you where you want to be, wrinkle-free and looking your best. For dress shirts, pants, and more.
Pack-It Cubes
Pack-It™ Cubes
Roll it. Maximize space and simplify packing with Pack-It™ Cubes. Use them to organize t-shirts, shorts, and undergarments.
Pack-It Sets
Pack-It™ Sets
Get started today with a Pack-It™ Set. Original or Specter™ Cubes, Sacs or Folders. We've got just the right thing for you.
Pack-It Sacs
Pack-It™ Sacs
Stash it. Organize all the small stuff. From lip balm to aspirin to cords, there are truly a million-and-one uses.
Smart Compression
Smart Compression
Compression Sacs and Cubes to reduce your packing volume exponentially. We know you'll love them.
Pack-It Toiletry Kits
Pack-It™ Toiletry Kits
For an overnight trip or extended journey, Eagle Creek Toiletry Kits set the standard for organization and convenience.
Gear Organization
Gear Organizers
Packing solutions with extreme weather and mud resistance, to keep your gear organized.
Specialty Items
Specialty Items
Unique packing accessories for any traveler. From ultra-light to all-in-one solutions, you'll like what you see.
"Holy cow!!! Not only does [the packing folder] make folding easy, but it compacts like a vacuum bag without the hassle of manually decompressing the air."