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Pack-It Folders
Pack-It™ Folders
Fold it. Use folders to get you where you want to be, wrinkle-free and looking your best. For dress shirts, pants, and more.
Pack-It Cubes
Pack-It™ Cubes
Roll it. Maximize space and simplify packing with Pack-It™ Cubes. Use them to organize t-shirts, shorts, and undergarments.
Pack-It Sets
Pack-It™ Sets
Get started today with a Pack-It™ Set. Original or Specter™ Cubes, Sacs or Folders. We've got just the right thing for you.
Pack-It Sacs
Pack-It™ Sacs
Stash it. Organize all the small stuff. From lip balm to aspirin to cords, there are truly a million-and-one uses.
Smart Compression
Smart Compression
Compression Sacs and Cubes to reduce your packing volume exponentially. We know you'll love them.
Pack-It Toiletry Kits
Pack-It™ Toiletry Kits
For an overnight trip or extended journey, Eagle Creek Toiletry Kits set the standard for organization and convenience.