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Don't forget the little things that will make your trip go that much smoother. Pick up your travel pillow, luggage lock, money belt, and packable daypack before you go. You'll be glad you did.

 Travel Pillows & Blankets

Travel Pillows & Blankets

Ultra-Soft & Compact

Enjoy some shut-eye in perfect calm and comfort, using Eagle Creek travel pillows, blankets, eye masks and ear plugs. Get your beauty sleep while traveling so when you arrive at your destination, you're well-rested and ready to explore.
Under-Clothing Money Belts & Neck Wallets

Money Belts & Neck Wallets

Discreet & Accessible

We've got lots of unique product solutions designed to fit any world currency no matter how much (or little) you have. Our broad assortment of travel money belts and neck wallets will help you keep your valuables safe and out of sight.
Wallets & Personal Organizers

Wallets & Organizers

Smart & Sophisticated

Our travel wallets and organizers are designed with convenience and organization in mind. Many of our personal organizers even come with a removable strap for carry versatility. We're all about making things easier.


Ready for the Unexpected

It's always a victory to pack travel luggage full—but what about all the extra stuff you'll pick up while on the road? Meet Eagle Creek packable totes, backpacks and duffels. They’re just what you'll need for the flight home or for day trips while you're there.
Luggage ID & Security

Luggage ID & Security

Peace of Mind

Shop for travel security accessories. How about a luggage lock to help keep prying hands out of your travel bag? Or maybe a luggage tag to help you make a quick and easy ID at the carrousel. Whatever you're looking for, take a look.
Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Be Prepared for Anything

Did you remember to pack all your international travel accessories? Your travel alarm clock, an umbrella, your travel towel? How about a travel lock or converter set? We encourage you to think ahead so you don’t get caught unprepared.