Backpack Strap Set - R/L (Switchback)

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(2) piece replacement backpack strap set (Right/Left). Use as replacement for Switchback 22 (20434), Switchback 26 (20435). Item codes are located by care label, inside the product. .

Work just fine with the Doubleback 26


I wanted an extra set of straps for my Doubleback 26 for a three week European trip because removing and installing the straps on the main bag when fully packed is a bit tricky. Although these straps are made specifically for the Switchback line, they worked just fine (as well as the original) on my Doubleback day pack. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation and want an extra set of straps for the Doubleback line, don't fret, these work great. Note, if you choose the use these straps on the main bag, you give up the ability to simply snap the day pack to your chest.


Issaquah, WA


Perfect fit


Great replacement for lost or broken straps!


Littleton, CO


Black Backpack Strap Set - R/L (Switchback)

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