Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel 120L / XL

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Ultra-light and constructed with leading-edge Bi-Tech™ Armor Lite, the Cargo Hauler Duffel 120L is a massive gear bag, made for schlepping, heaving, and hoisting. Equipped with large end gear pocket, grab handles, and tie-down daisy chains, it has built-in versatility of duffel and backpack carry.

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Details & Features

  • ULTRA_LIGHT (You can’t tell in the picture, but the 120L weighs only 4 lbs!)
  • Made with an extra durable, water repellent coated Bi-Tech™ Armor Lite fabric: a fusion of technology that merges abrasion resistance with the necessity of ultra-light carry
    • Bartack reinforcements on all high stress point areas for maximum durability
    • Sturdy top pull handle and large oversized wheels for easy mobility over obstacles
  • Carry it by its removable backpack straps, padded top haul handles, side grab handle or top pull handle and rugged wheels
  • U-shaped lid for easy access to main compartment
  • Sizable easy-access zippered end pockets for gear organization
  • Six heavy-duty lash points for attaching bag to roof rack
  • Bottom is foam padded to help protect contents against impact
  • #10 lockable zippers with storm flap to shield zipper from rain
  • Rectangular silhouette ideal for stacking
  • Reflective finger loop pulls for easy access while wearing gloves
  • Cargo Hauler packs into separate stuff sac for compact storage
  • Integrates with the Pack-It™ System

Product Specification

Capacity: 7325 cu in | 120 L Dimensions: 32 x 13.5 x 15.75 in | 82 x 35 x 40 cm Weight: 4 lbs | 1.81 kg Material: Bi-Tech™ Armor Lite Compression: 8.5 x 17 x 7 in | 22 x 43 x 18 cm

Perfect for College Students


Good, solid material, zippers and handles. Our son uses this to haul things back and forth across the company to school. His only want would be a longer pull handle. Granted, he's 6'3" so the handle has to be pretty long, but worth a mention.



Taking over the market!!


I bought two of these bags for my wife and I. I have never and will probably never purchase another wheeled duffel bag from any company other than Eagle Creek. They got it right all the way down to the small packable carry bag it comes in. The material the bag is made of is super durable and held up just fine during our trip. I can't say enough about this bag! If you want quality buy this bag and never look back!

Eagle Creek Pro

San Antonio, TX


Huge Duffel Bag with Wheels


This thing is huge! It just seems like you can continue putting things into this bag forever. It seems to grow as it is needed. I used it for a transatlantic cruise with no weight restrictions. I was able to fit everything into it and wheel it aboard - even a 24 pack of bottled water. I also packed an additional suitcase inside because on the flight back to the US I was limited to 40 pounds per bag. It also folds up into a tiny storage bag when you are not using it. Perfect.



i would buy from eagle creek again


durable,, good straps, and well built.



I would not recommend this bag.


I have taken this rolling duffel a few different times on long haul vacations. Pro's: seems to be durable enough. Material of the bag and the wheels have held up well. The weight of the bag is excellent and I love that there are backpack straps on a rolling duffel. CONs: Unless you pack this bag to the max so it is stuffed, it is useless. There is no hard bottom so the bag really has no shape. I use packing cubes and they don't even help in this bag. Everything squishes to the foot of the bag and the belly drags on the ground due to the lack of hard bottom. Also, I didn't think that not having an extendable handle would matter. I was wrong. With the aforementioned issue with the bag, the lack of extendable handle has you pulling the bag with it running into your heels.

Constant traveller

Alberta, Canada


Great for snow gear


Really enjoy the space of this duffle bag. Great for snow jackets and pants and snow gear. Using it for travel during the winter holidays. The luggage is water resistant as well, helps when Schlepping the luggage through the snow.



The perfect bag for every trip.


I have two of these bags and have used them on three trips now. The first was for a summer car camping trip through Iceland. I needed to pack enough gear for all weather conditions and for many activities from swimming, hiking and photography with a tripod. The second trip was for a camping and kayaking trip through New Zealand. I had to stuff it full of hiking poles, boots, sleeping bag and tent, food and other necessities- and be able to find things in it when I opened it up in the dark at night. The bag had to be able to fit in a kayak for a 3 day trip, hold enough gear for a two week camping adventure and be weatherproof enough for flight transfers when it would sit in the rain on the tarmac. The last trip was to England where I would need to go from plane to train to the Underground and city streets with an easy transition. Here I would need to store it out of the way once I got to the accommodation. This bag was perfect for all of this. It stood up to holding all my gear easily - with room to spare. It was waterproof, durable and strong and yet packed down into its own little bag once we got to London and wanted it out of the way. Our hosts were extremely grateful not to have to trip over a big suitcase repeatedly. Now that I am home I am happy to have it packed away in a small space. The straps and lashing points gave it versatility and we were able to pack it into the car, the kayak, the tent with minimal fuss. It is easy to spot and to grab from a luggage carousel. We have been on trips before where suitcase wheels have sheared off, handles have broken and our contents have been drowned by an unexpected rain shower. After seeing how our EC bag held up to everything we put it through we vowed never to use anything other than their bags for our belongings ever again. This bag is everything you would expect from Eagle Creek products- versatile and high quality.

Worrals in the wild

San Diego


Great Product


I just used this on an African safari, and it performed perfectly. We had weight limitations, and this ultra-lightweight bag maximized what I could pack inside it without exceeding limits. The wheels are an asset, especially if the bag is full -- it will hold a lot! It made it through four international flights, two weeks of being loaded and unloaded from vehicles, having many other bags piled on it, being dragged on the ground, moved from camp to camp, and generally abused, with no signs of wear at all. I could have used a L rather than XL duffel, as this is quite large, but that is no reflection on the product. Packing tip: Since a duffel is more free-form than a suitcase, it's easy for clothing and gear to get tossed around inside. I solved that by purchasing several packing cubes in different sizes and packing every single item inside them. Clothes didn't get wrinkled, and everything stayed well organized.



Cargo Hauler


This is the lightest weight bag with wheels, foldable to take a second bag or storage, side handles for lifting, large capacity, water resistant for boats, overall great for international travel with weight limits.

California mom

Santa Barbara, Ca.


Loved it so much had to have another!


Holds tons of stuff, easy to roll, and move around - perfect for traveling far. Just had to order another!


Greenfield Center, NY


Black Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel Bag 120L / XL Backpack - X-Large

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