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Compression Sacks


Optimize Your Luggage with Eagle Creek Compression Sacs

Whether you’re traveling for work, leisure or both, you’ll still need a bag to keep you organized. For the traveler that’s got a lot to pack and needs a little extra help keeping everything in its designated place, Eagle Creek’s travel compression bags are packing saviors.

These lightweight durable packing bags are designed to remove excess air that may be taking up unnecessary space in your luggage. They come in all colors and sizes to meet different needs. Hoping to keep a few items looking extra crisp for your Monday meeting (after your Sunday 8-mile hike)? The Pack-It Specter Tech Structured Cube M has a built in folding board to ensure every corner is just perfect before it compresses all the air in the travel bag. Using your compression bags to stow away charge chords for several different digital devices? See what’s what at a glance with a semi-translucent Specter Tech compression bag. For a simple and functional solution, try the effortless Pack-It Compression Sac Set that will take all the air out of your bag without adding any bulk at all! If you’re really not sure what you need, let one of Eagle Creek’s predetermined travel kits guide you with expertly designed pairings of travel luggage and compression bags for weekend getaways, bigger adventures or wide-scale excursions.

Optimize your luggage and find your way to your essentials much quicker with Eagle Creek Travel compression bags.