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Travel Duffle Bags Built to Last

Whether you’re traveling across the border or hauling a ton of gear to a sporting event, a high quality, durable rolling duffel bag or duffel bag backpack is an absolute must! All Eagle Creek duffel bags are designed for mobility, allowing you to pack to the brim without sacrificing your ability to carry the bag. Designed in high quality lightweight materials, each Eagle Creek travel duffel is built to facilitate your adventures.

If you’re searching for wheeled duffle bags or if you prefer to carry your duffel bag, there’s a host of great options available to you with all the great features of the general Eagle Creek luggage collection. Carry more, but feel it less with the Cargo Hauler Duffel 60L which weighs in at only 1 lbs. 12 oz.! Not sure how much space you’re going to need by the end of your trip? Opt for the No Matter What Rolling Duffel XL with its massive 128 liter capacity, and throw in the completely self-collapsible Packable Duffle for the option of a second bag at a later point.

Eagle Creek duffel bags are the perfect packing solution for those who like to bring a little more so that they can worry a little less. Just be sure to keep them organized with a little help from your packing organizers and select the best rolling duffel bag or duffel bag backpack for your needs.