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Money Belts & Neck Wallets


Secure Your Valuables with Money Belts and Neck Wallets

The best sorts of adventures often require a fair few items on your person at any given time. You’ll want to keep your most important valuables, such as money and travel documents, extra secure and more accessible. Eagle Creek travel wallets and money belts are designed to keep your items protected and leave you feeling safe from theft in even the most crowded of areas.

Each Eagle Creek money belt is designed to protect the traveler with a host of covetable features. Try the RFID Blocker Money Belt DLX to guarantee that even stowed away, your credit cards cannot be digitally swiped. Use the Silk Undercover Money Belt for an extra comfortable piece with a sweat-proof lining.

For security worn a little differently, opt for the Undercover Neck Wallet with its easy accessibility, moisture wicked back panel and lightweight rip-resistant fabric. Another option for discretion with the same undercover features is the Eagle Creek Hidden Pocket which will tuck your items tucked into your belt. Grab either option with RFID blocker technology as well!

No matter where you care to wear your security, Eagle Creek will take the stress out of this part of your travels. Browse the collection now!