No Matter What™ Flatbed Intl Carry-On

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This international carry-on travel bag is constructed using a water repellent Bi-Tech™ fabric and has an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Built to conquer the road ahead, it’s designed to withstand all the rigors and abuse of travel. From large treaded wheels that conquer uneven cobblestone streets, to boot-friendly kick plate and hefty wheel housing, clearly this travel bag was built by travelers for travelers.  

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Details & Features

  • Large zippered mesh door panel organization in main compartment
  • Interior compression straps to secure contents
  • Top, bottom, and side haul handles for easy grab and go
  • Exterior compression straps with webbing keepers and daisy chains for gear attachment
  • International carry-on sizing does vary from carrier to carrier. Please check with your airline if you have questions regarding specific dimensions.
  • Reflective accents for dusk and nighttime visibility

Product Specification

Capacity: 2320 cu in | 38 L Dimensions: 13.5 x 20 x 9 in | 35 x 51 x 22.5 cm Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz | 2.86 kg Material: Bi-Tech™

Compact and stylish but lacks pockets


I love the smart look and feel of this bag and it's very compact and easy to get around with. The one thing that would make it so much better would be at least one flat, zippered pocket on the front for documents/book/stuff. The toiletries pocket is nice but it really needs another one. A little too small for my 3 week overseas trips though.


Montreal, Canada


Perfect and light weight


I love this new bag and should have purchased it long ago. I just got a week's worth of stuff in it for 2 business trips and a few casual outing clothes with 2 pairs of sandals and a pair of sneakers. Wow! It's light weight and fit perfectly in the overhead bin if planes. Great wheels and zippers. I already did recommend it to a friend looking for a new bag.



Not always accepted by airlines


This bag is pretty nice, sturdy, etc. I got the grape color on closeout from REI and immediately loaded it up with a week's worth of winter gear for our Christmas vacation, plus all the family toiletries, extra hats and scarves and so on. While Alaska permitted it as a carry-on during the outbound flight, we came back on a Bombardier Q400 and they made me gate-check it. This was an international flight and I'd hoped to avoid that sort of thing by buying an "international carry-on." I will also note that my son and husband have hardside international carry-ons from a Swiss manufacturer (both are the same model) and they are visibly smaller than mine, and they didn't need to gate-check theirs. I am thinking about selling this one and buying one like theirs. Would recommend if you only fly domestically, though.


Seattle Eastside


Surprising! Great bag!


I travel on business and pleasure a lot. Love clothes, hate wearing same thing over and over on a trip. I'm packing enough in this bag with the assist of eagle creek travel packing bags, to have two weeks of choices mixed and matched, plus shoes. I can't believe it. When it came I thought is was too small for me and a bit heavier than my other roller, but wheels and handle are more robust. Took it on my first 5 day trip, now on second trip for 9 days. Can't believe how much I can get in this bag and still have it coming out looking great.

Well travelled!

Park City, Utah


Compact carry-on with wheels


My only complaint about this bag is the style, which is why I rated it a 4/5 rather than 5/5 stars. I bought the luggage in black and the material is shinny, so it basically looks like a black cooler on wheels. I realize that material is weather resistant (hense the "no matter what" branding), but I would like to not have to sacrifice style for convenience. Otherwise, I really like the bag.


Gettysburg, PA


Great weekend bag!


Works great with other Eagle Creek products!


High Springs,FL


Amazing carry on!


We decided to get this one the international carry on so if they change the size limits we will still be good! We have not used them a lot yet but so far we LOVE them. My husband travels for work and uses his more than I do. It has more room than I expected!




Good, durable bag, though larger than advertised


So far I have taken this bag on three trips (7 flights). I have had to gate check it each time, so I haven't experienced the convenience of being able to bring it on board, but it looks like it would fit easily in the overhead bins on all but the commuter-type jets. The bag is advertised as being 13.5" across, but it is really 14.5," which technically puts it over the limit for what most airlines say they accept, though I have not yet had an issue. I got it in Firebrick and it is a lovely red, easy to pick out, but it definitely shows dirt from baggage handling easily, though a lot of it can be wiped off with a little soap and water. The handle has two stop points which is nice. I am 5'2" and the shorter one is a little short for me, though is better if it is crowded, since it keeps the bag closer. Sometimes, though, the short setting comes undone if I hit a bump or accidentally bump the button on the handle. Generally, I have been using the long setting, sometimes placing another bag on top. It rolls smoothly and easily negotiates curbs, bumps, etc. It seems very durable and there are handles and hand holds in enough places to make it very easy to pick up. I am able to fit a lot in it and the internal compression straps keep everything in place. My only complaints, aside from the misrepresented size are: The external compression straps don't seem to do much because the buckles seem like they are poorly placed, but perhaps the straps are just there for a little more security in keeping the bag closed. Also, I worried that water would funnel into the zipper area if I had to roll the bag in the rain because of the way the fabric lies when it zips, but so far I have only had to roll it in drizzles. All in all, it is a decent bag and I look forward to using it for many years.




Great Bag!


I took my new 20" No Matter What Flatbed Rolling Duffel bag on a 10 day trip to Iceland. It exceeded my expectations. I was able to pack everything I needed with room to spare. It is a soft bag so at first glance it looks small but once packed it takes shape. It stowed easily in the overhead bins. On one leg of my trip they were collecting bags at the gate because of space but the flight attendant looked at my bag and let me take it on board. I highly recommend this bag for its size, style and practicality.




Not correct size


Looks great, I can't wait to use it but unfortunately I am waiting for a replacement to be available. The bag measures 14.5 inches across, not 13.5 inches. I contacted the warranties department and they looked into it and informed me that there was indeed a manufacturers defect with this model (black) and that they wound send me a new bag with the correct dimensions. Unfortunately , they could not send me one in black until they had them in stock for warranties (they can't pull from online stock for some reason, they offered other colors though but i declined).assuming the representitive was correct about when a black replacement bag will be available, I will have waited about 2-3 weeks for a bag to ship from the point I contacted EC, which is kind of disappointing. Hoping the replacement comes in the right dimensions, cause it is a very nice looking bag




Black No Matter What™ Flatbed Intl Carry-On Suitcase

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