No Matter What™ Flatbed Carry-On

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This rugged carry-on is constructed using an abrasion-resistant water repellent Bi-Tech™ fabric and has an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Built to conquer the road ahead, it’s designed to withstand all the rigors and abuse of travel. From large treaded wheels that conquer uneven cobblestone streets, to smart 3-1-1 pocket, and the security of #10 lockable zippers. Clearly the No Matter What™ Flatbed Carry-On was built by travelers for travelers.  

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Details & Features

  • Interior compression straps to secure contents
  • Top, bottom, and side haul handles for easy grab and go
  • Exterior compression straps with webbing keepers and daisy chains for gear attachment
  • This bag is carry-on sized as defined by most U.S. airlines. Please check with your carrier if you have questions regarding specific dimensions.
  • Reflective accents for dusk and nighttime visibility

Product Specification

Capacity: 2625 cu in | 43 L Dimensions: 14 x 22 x 9 in | 36 x 55 x 24 cm Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz | 2.92 kg Material: Bi-Tech™

The Flatbed 22 inch carryon


I am a commercial pilot and love this bag. It has sturdy wheels and a sturdy handle. It is light, yet made of strong outer material.. It has plastic rails on the back side which make it easy to store under a 737 jump seat while protecting the exterior from damage. I would highly recommend it to any professional traveler who likes to travel low drag and sturdy. It is my second Eagle Creek bag that I have used as a commercial pilot. My last one lasted 10 years before I bought this. It outlasted the heavy steel framed bags offered by the companies who sell specifically to the Airline professionals. The wheels were better and the overall design was very compatible with the lifestyle of a professional traveler.



Pros and cons; needs improvement


I love the retractable handle and wheels - they feel solid and are great for traversing curbs, snow, and gravel. I have no qualms about lifting this carryon from the the handle. I also love the colour selection. < 3 grape, so identifiable! I find the outer straps a hindrance to accessing the main compartment because I have to undo them. I also find them to be ineffective for strapping items to the exterior because things (eg jackets) slip against the Bi-Tech finish and end up dragging on the ground. If I leave the straps off, I find they get caught in the wheels or are liable to getting crunched underfoot (ie the buckles). I'd love to see some Velcro straps to keep the exterior straps tucked away, or to have them be removable. While the Bi-Tech is great for the occasional splash or short hop from plane to terminal, the zippers don't hold up to BC rain and my clothes have gotten wet (though just near the zippers) when I've had to walk a few blocks outside. Same deal with delayed luggage on a stormy day and the cart is sitting outside for awhile before bags make it to the conveyer belt/baggage claim. That being said, it's definitely more water resistant than traditional soft-shell suitcases. The soft top flap doesn't provide much protection in the checked bag compartment when I have to check it (eg, on some of the smaller rural commuter flights) - I'm loathe to let anything be put on top of it because, depending on the contents or lack thereof, there's a lot of strain on the zipper. The Bi-Tech finish doesn't like airline stickers (eg, Fragile) - I can't get it off and I don't want to scrape, lest I ruin the finish. :( I love the two-wheel system, it's way more efficient than the 4-wheels, especially for a light-weight carryon, and the wheels are more protected than protruding casters. I don't know that I'd buy this exact item again, but it's pretty good as a first Eagle Creek item.


Usually BC, Canada


Awesome bag


Bag was all we hoped for !




Bought three for my kids


Bags fit more than you think, no internal stuff in the way of accessing clothes - very happy with how they fit in overheads, and how they roll. Overall an excellent choice with one exception - I bought them in Yellow, Red, and Blue and the red and blue wore well, but the yellow looks terrible following one trip - very dirty and not sure how well it will clean, if at all. Stick to darker, brighter colors. Also, the small duffel is still really big - wish they made an extra small as it doesn't sit as snugly on the top of the bag as you'd like it too - tips side to side off and on which can be annoying going through airports.


boston, ma


Size info is incorrect


This looks like exactly the bag I would need-- except that the given dimensions are incorrect. I measured one in a store today before buying, and as others have mentioned here, it's taller than advertised. If you want a bag that you can carry on to US airplanes, this one won't fit. Maybe you'll get away with it, maybe not. In every other respect this looked like a great bag, but that extra height is a deal breaker.

Tom Harrington

Colorado Springs, CO

I would buy this product again


Love the material - I know I can trust it to keep my clothing safe.

Bon Voyage Ashley

Houston, TX


Not 22" high....larger not carry on


I bought this bag based off the great Eagle Creek reputation. I love the bag and quality is great. HOWEVER, be warned it is bigger than the 22" stated on the tag and can be rejected as a carry on item. I am a very frequent flyer with United and with the size limitation of 22"x14"x9" I thought this bag was ideal but with the extra 1/2-3/4" in height not on the tag this will not fit into the carry on dimension verifier so don't try. Wish I had purchased the 20" bag and that the tag would state the real size.


Lincoln, NE


Big Carry-on!!!


Hands down the largest capacity for a carry-on bag!!! Wouldn't trade it for the world whether I'm going for 2-4+ nights to pack clothes for work, casual, and workout gear. If I pack light vs. the capacity for a short trip I cinch down the straps. Great price for an EC bag with maximum capacity!!!




i would buy this again but in GRAPE pls


more colors please, hoping to have this bag in GRAPE






I travel every week on Monday through Friday. This case is excellent to pack and travel through airports. Great product!




Slate Blue No Matter What™ Flatbed Carry-On Suitcase

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