Pack-It Original™ Clean Dirty Cube S

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This two-sided packing cube is built with an even-more-awesome functionality. One side is breathable, the other is water-repellant to hold in moisture and control odors. Use for dirty/clean or wet/dry. And remember, two Half Cubes equal the same capacity as a full Cube.

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Details & Features

  • Great for separating dirty clothes from clean, a damp bathing suit or smelly gym clothes, or to simply provide even more organization
  • Water-repellant LinkSeal™ Mesh compartment keeps moisture in or out
  • Floating LinkSeal™ Mesh divider keeps two compartments separate
  • Mesh for visibility and breathability on other side
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Two-way zippered opening for maximum compression
  • Washable

Product Specification

Capacity: 300 cu in | 5 L Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3.5 in | 25.4 x 18 x 9 cm



havent taken our trip yet



Great travel accessory!


I have five of these cubes and five of the larger model (one of every color). I can organize my suitcase by packing outfits in colored cubes, placing family members things in certain colored cubes, etc. The list of possibilities is endless. I like the clean and dirty cubes as they are essentially two cubes in one. I can also use them as they are designed to separate clean and dirty as well as wet and dry clothing. This size cube is perfect for things like underwear and socks. When it comes to basic sized cubes, these are pretty much the only ones I buy.


La Crosse, Wisconsin


enjoy the product





full clean, full dirty, half clean/dirty - does it all


I love these cubes! The inside lining is extra large and folds into the other half space. This means you can use it as: full clean, full dirty, half clean/dirty. I wish they emphasized this more since this is different to most other cheaper half cubes which only allow you to use as half clean/half dirty. And I love the mesh so that I can see what's inside.





Great--makes packing and unpacking easier


Richmond VA


Pack-It Clean/Dirty Cube


I use the Clean/Dirty Cube, along with other cubes/tubes/folders in the Pack-It System on my long and short trips. The cubes/tubes/folders keep me organized and allows me to easily identify and access my clothing and accessories. So far, I have not been able to find anything negative about the Pack-It System. Though I do have a suggestion. The clean/dirty cube comes in only the cube size. It may be very useful to have a clean/dirty tube for socks and underwear. Since I go on hiking trips separating my socks, which can get really dirty, from my more delicate items would be nice and practical.

Organized Aris

Sacramento, CA


Perfect grab and go gym bag.


I have several other brands of packing cubes and although these are a little pricier they are the best. I use the clean dirty cube to put my work out clothes in. After work i change into my workout clothes and put my work clothes into the dirty side. I use it daily for this purpose. My kids have their own and use it for overnight trips to grandma's. It keeps all their clothes organized and their dirty clothes away from the clean clothes. Love them.

Smart packin momma

Loma Linda, CA


Great size!


I love the size of this one and the ability to see what's inside.


Copemish, MI


Love it


My stepdaughter gave me this as a birthday gift because I was complaining that I didn't have anywhere to put my gym clothes when I travel after I wear them and she came up with this! I actually had no idea these things exist!

I travel a lot

Canal Fulton, Ohio


Great size for smaller woman carry on


I love using the "dirty" side for my swimsuit after the gym spinner. It's not sopping wet when I put it in but it helps me keep my other gym things dry. The green color helps me spot it easily in the black gym bag when I get home to finish drying out my items. Got one in a blue half cube for husband. We both play ultimate frisbee. Can't wait to use it during/after tournaments to keep all the stinky stuff from permeating our whole bag while driving back home.

The Drewses

Madison, WI


Black Original™ Clean Dirty Cube S - Small

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