Pack-It Original™ Garment Folder Medium

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Our best-selling Pack-It Original™ Folder Medium now has even more compression with innovative Compress Wings™. Simply fold, stack and secure, to keep shirts and slacks looking sharp. And good news for those travelers that like to avoid baggage claim: The medium folder fits inside most carry-ons.

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Details & Features

  • Compress Wings™ offer 2-wing stretch compression
  • Helpful Folding Instruction Board included
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Washable

Product Specification

Capacity: Holds up to 12 items Dimensions: 18 x 12 in | 45 x 30 cm Weight: 15 oz | 426 g Material: 300D Poly Micro-Weave

New Size


I hate the new sizing. Small is too small (works for kids clothing) and the medium is too big for ladies tops! I used my original packers for years, LOVED THEM! The new sizing is way off for ladies clothes. I gave it a 2 star only because I have always loved my packers. These new ones are USELESS for me. Sorry Eagle Creek!



Awesome product, other than the new size


I will forever love Pack-It folders and I'm sure the numerous reviews properly tout the benefits of its compact packing abilities. I have traveled with seasoned backpackers that marvel at my packing folder. However like a few other reviewers, I feel the need to voice that I hate the new size. My original (15x10?) folder finally came to the end of its product life after 15 years of round-the-globe use. That shows you how long these items last! The fabric eventually got weird and sticky but it was otherwise functionally sound. Anyway, this new folder size is just short enough to be annoying. I miss the 15" long size!


San Diego, CA


Great product


I love it.



I needed a small garment folder for light traveling


Fits right in to my back pack or carry-on..perfect size for quick trips.



Great Item for Preventing Wrinkles


I travel frequently for work, and my least favorite part has been having to iron clothes in my hotel room after a long day of air travel. With this item, my clothes stay reasonably pressed. Most of the time I only have to steam clothes for a few minutes using the shower while doing other things - good as new. Recommended.



I would recommend this to all my bike-to-work friends!


I use this to pack my work clothes in my bike bag to work everyday, and I love it. It keeps my clothes ready so when I I get there I can change into them. It is well made, and just the right size for a pair of pants, a blouse and a sweater.



I would not buy this size


I agree with an earlier posting that this size is not nearly as functional as the old 11 inch by 15 inch size and the medium is too large.


Palm City, FL

A must have for any traveler


A must have for any traveler. This size will go inside any carry on luggage. I used my 1st one for 15 years before I left in a hotel room recently. A great item to have.



The best!


I already purchased one 10 years ago and it has been the best. I carried on my flight 9 days of clothing as I took a 7 day cruise Singapore to Pukuet. I purchased 3 more as a gift to my friends. I highly recommend this product. You will be very happy to be able to pack all the clothes and they don't get all wrinkled.


Las Vegas


Wonderful accessory


Let's me pack, knowing I won't have bunches of wrinkles in my clothes🙂

Gayle D.

Rochester Hills, MI


Black Original™ Garment Folder Medium

4.7 97