Pack-It Original™ Garment Sleeve

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Ideal for business travel and dressy events, the Garment Sleeve provides wrinkle-resistance and keeps longer garments looking freshly-pressed. Fitting up to 2 hangers, the Garment Sleeve has a swivle hook which allows it to hang inside a doorway or on a closet bar. Fits in some carry-on travel bags.

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Details & Features

  • Full-length packing solution
  • Padded ‘folding zones’ for wrinkle resistance
  • Swivel-hook for versatile hanging options
  • Fits in most 22” carry-on bags
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Washable

Product Specification

Capacity: Fits 2 Hangers Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 2 in | 53 x 33 x 5 cm Weight: 15 oz | 425 g Material: 300D Poly Micro-Weave

Great product!


I purchased this product for the rare occasions I have to bring formal wear on a trip. Anyway, this is a fairly nice deign. The garment sleeve is a tri-fold design from the top to bottom. Once the sleeve is fully opened, there is a vertical zipper that opens up two flaps which are used to keep garments inside of the sleeve. There is a a small strip of nylon sewn to the top of the folder which holds two coat hangers. The sleeve has thick foam padding at each of the points where the clothing gets folded to minimize pressure points. This sleeve is lightweight, and it folds up compact.


La Crosse, Wisconsin


Another awesome Eagle Creek product


I've always struggled to pack suit coats and sport coats compactly and wrinkle free. Even luggage with built in garment bags seemed ineffective. This sleeve is the best solution I've found so far. The foam rollers do a great job of nearly eliminating wrinkles with two jackets inside. My only qualm is that the bag needs to be just a bit longer. I did experience some wrinkles at the bottom of the jackets that are exposed below the zipper flaps when the bag is flat. Those exposed part come our wrinkled regardless of how you fold it up. Still the best solution out there that I've found so far!


Columbus, OH


Worth it to keep the wrinkles down


I've used it twice now. The first time with a suit and two shirts. Everything came out pretty wrinkle free, didn't have to press my suit. The second time I put two shirts and two pairs of pants on two hangars in it. They came out with a few minor wrinkles but nothing like packing without it. It's worth it if you're traveling with clothes you'd like to keep wrinkle free.



My second sleeve


Picked this up to replace a garment sleeve I gave to my son who is now traveling the world. Love this sleeve! It is simple light and very pack-able.



Would definitely recommend


Great way to be able to pack suit and dress slacks and shirts.



Love this Zipper-fold garment bag


I love the zip up feature. I lay my suit, shirts, and pants in the open bag. Fold over the sleeves, zip up the sleeve, then tri-fold into compact shape for carry-on luggage. Bag can be hung at the hotel, cloths arrive wrinkle free.


Brookeville. MD


Just too big to fit new Carry-On cases


The EagleCreek Pack-It system has been great, so this seemed like a good edition to my collection for packing suits/pants with easy access for one-night stays. However the width is just too long to allow it to fit into an airline compliant carry-on case, as most cases are now ~19"/482mm internally and the Garment Sleeve is about 21"/533mm. A real shame. Maybe an upgrade version for Carry-On luggage could be considered.


Orange County CA

Not really for men's "long" jackets


While this item should work well with a men's size "short" and possibly with a men's "regular," it's about 2" too short to work well with my 46 Long jackets, resulting in the bottom edge getting wrinkled. I used it when packing for a cruise, and had to get the jacket pressed once we got to the ship, which defeats the purpose of this item.


Raleigh, NC


great idea..great product


This was bought as a gift...My son will be traveling and needs to pack a suit...Most of the carryon bags that are equipped with these sleeves, are well over $200 plus..He uses a duffel bag (small enough for carry on) to pack and this will also fit in that...I only gave 4 stars because we just recieved it and we know it will fit, however we haven't used it yet, but it seems like it will work..Its very similar to a carryon that comes with a sleeve that he borrowed and that worked out great.

Just a mom helping

Ocean County, NJ


This prompted a re-order.


The Pack-It system took me from a bulky suitor to a carry on. Shirts and slacks are as crisp as the day picked up from the cleaners.


Salisbury, NC


Black Original™ Garment Sleeve - Large

4.4 20