Pack-It Specter™ Clean Dirty Cube S

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The Pack-It Specter™ Clean Dirty Cube is a godsend. Not only does it keep your luggage organized, but it also packs clean clothes on one side, and dirty on the other. Super-durable and water-repellent, these washable ultra-light packing organizers are ultra-light, ultra-innovative and ultra-functional.

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Details & Features

  • Ultra-light organizer separates dirty clothes from clean
  • Water-resistant compartment keeps moisture in or out
  • Floating divider keeps two compartments separate
  • Quick-grab handle for easy carry
  • Pull tab for easy access
  • Washable

Product Specification

Capacity: 305 cu in | 5 L Dimensions: 7.75 x 10.25 x 3.75 in | 19.5 x 26 x 9.5 cm Weight: 1 oz | 50 g Material: 30D Silnylon Ripstop | TPU Mesh Antimicrobial

Perfect for a gym run


This was smaller than I thought it would be but holds a lot! It's super light, especially compared to the normal cubes. So convenient for holding my gym clothes and keeping things separate in my purse. One star off because my only wish is that it zipped all the way around like the other cubes.



It will bring you to packing heaven!


I love the fact that I don't have to bring a separate laundry bag.


Seattle, Washington


I have many of these specter bags, love them.


Love this specter bag, great for underwear or socks. Used mine for both keeps them clean then use other side to keep dirty ones separate from clean ones.



Love this product


I had the regular pack it cubes and still bought these because the separation of clean and dirty is so helpful. Love using them on trips where I move every night. Makes packing and unpacking easy.

Travel every week



I would buy this product ad finitum


Great quality


Los Alamitos


Love it---great addition to my travel/camping collection


Great not only to separate clean and dirty, but also as lightweight double cube to separate shirts from pants, etc. I used it recently on a trip to Shenandoah NP and hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Great performance and useful! One side easily holds 2-3 t-shirts, a long-sleeve shirt, and a couple of bandanas/buffs, while the other side will hold a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, and a skirt/skort. Can hang on a doorknob or hook too.


Hillsborough, NC


Clean Dirty Cubes a travel must


I have been using the standard CleanDirty cubes and half cubes for a few years, and love that I can always find my items in my bag. My husband has resisted them, and seems to think his black garbage bag full of dirty clothes is organization enough. After a recent trip during which he had trouble finding things, I decided his things would have to be packed in cubes next time. Since I wanted something lighter for myself, and I am now almost a pro at cube packing, I'm giving him my standard cubes--for greater visibility, and greater packing ease than Specter--and switching over to Specter cubes. I'm hoping that the obvious advantages will finally become apparent to him. I'm also sure TSA will appreciate how much easier our bags are to search ;)


Philadelphia area


I would buy this product again and again


I used this product in conjunction with the starter pack and it worked like a charm


Upper Marlboro, MD


Brilliant Blue Specter™ Clean Dirty Cube S - Small

4.8 8