Pack-It Specter™ Ultimate Compression Set

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For long trips with even longer packing lists, the Pack-It Specter™ Ultimate Compression Set is the next best thing to having your clothes pack themselves! Compression Sacs are fantastic for saving you up to 80% of your packing volume of puffy jackets and sweaters. Compression Cubes, made of a silnylon material, use a compression zipper to condense the shirts, shorts and undergarments you’ve jammed into the packing cube.

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Details & Features

  • Pack-It™ Compression Sac Set (M/L)
  • Medium & Large Pack-It™ Compression Sacs
  • Nylon yarns reinforce against tears, allowing for you to fit more and worry less
  • Compression reduces volume in your luggage up to 80%
  • Patented one-way pressure valve keeps the air from re-entering the Compression Sac, so that you can get use out of every inch of luggage space
  • Top zip closure allows you to access your items easily and seal everything securely
  • Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set S/M:
  • Includes Small and Medium Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cubes
  • Compression zipper allows for even more space savings as it allows for you to pack in every last nook and cranny
  • Perfect for folding or rolling your casual items such as t-shirts, pants, and shorts
  • Ultra-light Compression Cubes are water repellent in a silnylon ripstop fabric for greater fill-capacity with reduced risk of tearing
  • Quick grab handle allows for you to take the Compression Cubes with you to the laundromat or to your travel buddy's room for a fashion consultation
  • The Specter Shoe Sac is PVC-free – just to throw in some extra awesome
  • Luggage not included with purchase of this Pack-It™™ Set

Product Specification

Capacity: Small Cube: 155 cu in; Med Cube: 305 cu in; Med Sac: 380 cu in; Large Sac: 800 cu in | Small cube: 2.5 L; Med cube: 6 L; Med Sac: 6 L; Large Sac: 13L Expanded Capacity: S: 300 cu in; M: 730 cu in | S: 5 L , M: 12 L Dimensions: Comp Cube (S): 6.75 x 9.75 x 1.25 in; (M): 10 x 13.5 x 1.25 in; Comp Sac (M): 15.5 x 24.5 in; (L): 17.5 x 28.5 in | Comp Cube (S): 17 x 24.5 x 3 cm; (M): 25 x 34.5 x 3 cm; Comp Sac (M): 39 x 62 cm; (L): 44 x 72 cm Weight: 7.2 oz | 204 g Material: 30D RIPSTOP NYLON+