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If you want a good night’s sleep, the Sandman Eye Shade mask from Eagle Creek is the answer. It’s great for use at home and on the road. The luxurious fleece feel soft against your face and the moisture-wicking nose cushion lets your skin breathe.

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Details & Features

  • Ultra-soft fleece feels like you aren’t wearing a mask at all
  • Lights out coverage helps to create an optimal sleep environment
  • Comfortable adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit
  • Features a pocket for storing your earplugs (not included)
  • Washable.

Great on darkness and fit, but it stains your pillowcase.


This is my favorite eyeshade because it is completely black out and fits well on my smaller female head. However, the quality of the black satin-like fabric on the right eye that opens to the earpiece holder is poor quality because it stains my pillowcase black. I have to use SHOUT to get the stains out every time or they will set in when my cases are dried. Why hasn't the company changed vendors for their black cloth so you won't have the dye bleeding onto pillowcases? Are you unaware? I feel like I'm owed over a year's worth of cleaner since it has to be done for every wash I do on my pillowcase. Contact me if you can. I'd still recommend it, but warn the users. This is my 3rd purchase.


Waupun, WI


Bad quality of band


the elastic band seems to be of a worse quality. it burns while you wear it and you sweat. We use it a lot in bed for some role-play

Kim the squirter

Boston, MA


Weird elastic band position = dealbreaker


I returned this because they are now sewing the elastic band so that it points upward. This is just weird and doesn't work. My previous Sandman was identical in almost every way except this; its band is horizontal, thus wrapping around the head. Unfortunately, the elastic is dying so I thought I'd replace the old one. I guess I'll try to have the elastic replaced because if this thing stays on your head it works great!



The Best


Love this eyeshade. I've tried many and it is the best one out there.


Los Angeles


Very good,comfortable and efficient.I would buy this product


I'm using for travel and sometimes home. It is soft and relaxant when is used. I could not find anything wrong with it.

john hunter



Soft and Effective


I use this product every night to block morning sun that wakes me too early, for an occasional daytime nap and for airline travel. This is my second purchase of this product love it. It is very soft and comfortable to use, has a nice little pocket to hold ear plugs when traveling, washes well and lasts a long time. I have both insomnia and sleep apnea and this product helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. I heartily recommend it.

Sleep Apnea and Insomnia Mary



Very comfy and blocks light well


Very comfy and blocks light well. I've worn mine every night for the last four years. While the strap was a little big to begin with, I was able to adjust it with about an inch to spare. Over time, the as the strap stretched out, I knocked it a bit tighter and tighter, but it is now stretched out and my mask needs replacement. I feel I have gotten my money's worth, but the strap could have been designed with less slack. I'm not a small woman and I don't have a small head, but this runs big.

Mary needs her sleep

Minneapolis, MN


Best eyeshades ever


just get it

World Traveler



Best eye mask ever


I've used eye masks to sleep daily for the past 10 years. This is the perfect eye mask and seals off all light. Also just used it on an 8 hour plane ride and it was perfect!


North Carolina


Great for trips and everyday


I use the eyeshade everyday during the summer so I can sleep past 5 am in the Northwest. It is soft and comfortable and stays in place and blocks all the light.




Ebony Black Sandman Eyeshade - One Size

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