SignalSearch TSA Lock®

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Travel security is very important. We recommend keeping your belongings secure with three-dial combination luggage locks. We all know that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screeners can open Travel Sentry™ Certified locks (without damaging them) when necessary for inspection. The SignalSearch TSA Lock® has a red and green indicator function which means that you can also know if your bag has been opened by security personnel. We’re just saying… it’s just nice to know.

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Details & Features

  • Travel Sentry™ Certified
  • SignalSearch button lets you know if your lock has been opened.
  • 3-dial combination
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product Specification

Capacity: Expanded Capacity: Modular Capacity: Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.25 in / 4 x 3 cm Expanded Dimensions: Modular Dimensions: Weight: 2.3 oz / 65 g Material: Zinc Alloy Body Steel Shackle Proportion Diagram Image: