Silicone Bottle Set

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Eagle Creek’s new travel size bottles are made in a leak-proof silicone fabrication. Conveniently store liquids and gels in a 3-1-1 pouch and carry-on.

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Details & Features

  • One-quart, 3-1-1 Pouch for easy airline security screening
  • Wipe-able with water resistant zipper
  • 2 - 3 oz. and 2 - 2 oz. silicone bottles for organization of liquids and gels

Product Specification

Capacity: 2-3 oz | 88 mL Bottle, 2-2 oz | 55 mL bottles , Dimensions: 8.75 x 7 x 2 in | 22 x 18 x 5 cm Weight: 7.8 oz | .22 kg Material: Clear TPU , Silicone (Bottle)

I would NOT buy this again.


The zipper broke on the first trip. The bottles are okay if you don't need other liquids to check. (I only used one bottle.) There are plenty of less expensive options. It was disappointing.

Margaret the Grandma

Greenville, NC

Not very good


Bought this from Eagle Creek for my present trip to South America. Twice as expensive as a similar set I saw locally. The zipper ripped off the carry case in less than a week and I threw the useless case away. The bottles are fine but tend get messy quickly around the opening and are hard to clean on the go. Expensive and not well made.


Sechelt, BC, Canada




Excellent and very leak proof Got for a trip to Africa since we didn't have our luggage checked in Used for lotion, conditioner, hair gel and shampoo



Excellent travel gear for road warriors


Best travel bottles I've found in years - no leakage, easy access, perfect size options for business and/or vacation travel. The zip bag is not very sturdy and is not functional size for travel - easier to use the Cinch Organizer or Quit Trip travel bags to store them if you're not carrying on the bottles.... or a ziplock if you have to go through TSA.



Bag split at the seams after two uses!


The seams on the side of the bag split apart after two uses! The bottles are good.


Mesa, Arizona


one leak!


For the first time I felt quite confident packing my liquids in my checked luggage. The silicone bottles work well going to different altitudes. I did have one bottle leak on one leg of a trip. Two of the caps seem to be 'off thread'. I will double check the bottle cap seals before future trips. I put a hair oil in one bottle and there seemed to be a chemical reaction with the silicone. The oil became thicker the longer it was in the bottle. I had to clean it out. The seal on the 3-1-1 pouch worked well and kept any leaks contained. The pouch and bottles fit quite nicely into the Wallaby. Overall I am really pleased with this product.


Durango, CO




I use the bottles for body wash, after shower body oil, hair treatments. I did discover that one hair oil (moroccan oil) turned 'thick' after being contained in the plastic for a few hours. It is retailed in a glass bottle. Could there have been an unanticipated chemical reaction? I like being able to compress air out of the bottles to save space when packing them in the Wallaby case. Out of four bottles, one leaked on one trip. Otherwise they held fast and I love using them. I really appreciate the 3-1-1 pouch they come in. That protected the rest of my gear from that one leaky bottle's residue!


Durango, CO


Seem very sturdy, but haven't tested the bottles as yet.


The bottles, along with the Wally bage are so convenient for travel, even if only to get a girl through the first few days of a trip. Easy to carry everything back and forth from bedroom to bath, and keep the bathroom "picked up" at all times.

Traveler Judy

Florida and Italy


Silicone Bottle set


This was very easy to pack away and wasn't worried about one of the snap lids opening up. Once you get use to them you can get the right amount every time.

Time Traveler



Too squirty for oils


I like this set for shampoo and conditioner. I used it also for taking items to the gym. It doesn't leak. I would have given it five stars but for liquids that are like cleansing oils, the 3 oz tube squirted way too much product out. It's best for thicker liquids. Shampoo and conditioner is fine but for 1 mL of a thinner squirts out like 2-3 mL. So for lotions as well it would be great. Just hoped it would be good for my Living Libations Best Skin Ever...but too much product came out.

The Drewses

Madison, WI


Clear White/Aqua Blue Silicone Bottle Set - One Size

3.6 11