Switchback™ International Carry-On

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Versatile people need gear to fit their ever-changing lives. The Switchback International Carry-On is the do-it-all of adventure luggage. Ideal for people who want to pack light enough for a backpack, but have the luxury of wheeling it around an airport.

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Details & Features

  • Wheeled backpack carry-on has adjustable suspension, load lifter straps, and safety whistle for a truly all-in-one piece of equipment
  • Multi-functional carry options include wheeled transport, backpack straps, and grab handles
  • 3D Air Mesh moisture-wicking backpack straps and back panel allow for a comfortable carrying experience
  • Roomy daypack contains a 15” laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Front koala-carry clips to attach your daypack to backpack straps for close-to-body security
  • Back slip panel allows for added security with the handle system of the luggage
  • Stands up to abrasion and the elements with Bi-Tech™ and Bi-Tech™ Armor fabrics
  • Over-sized treaded wheels with heavy-duty wheel housings, skid plates, and bumper protection
  • Reflective finger loop zipper pulls area easy to handle even when you are wearing gloves
  • Compression straps and external lash points offer the needed support to secure your belongings
  • No bottle is safe from the key fob Porter Key™ bottle opener

Product Specification

Capacity: 1830 cu in | 30 L (wheeled bag) Modular Capacity: 1160 cu in | 19 L (daypack) Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 x 8 in | 36 x 55 x 20 cm (wheeled bag) Modular Dimensions: 13 x 19.75 x 5.75 in | 33 x 50 x 15 cm (daypack) Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz | 2.95 kg (wheeled bag) Material: Bi-Tech™ Heather | 1000D Helix™ Poly Twill Torso Size: 15 - 19 in | 38 - 48 cm (wheeled bag)

Loving it


Since I bought the pack in early 2017, I have taken it to Europe and Central America, a total of 7 weeks. It has proven sturdy, comfortable and versatile. My hubby is jealous. He bought a different pack from another dealer. The zippers are failing and stitching is coming out; we are talking about adding a second Switchback to our family ;-)


Munising, MI

Falls Forward!! Pay attention EC! Do not get this bag.


I travel 60-80 nights a year, EC was the first serious bag I owned 13 years ago and I have always loved and purchased them. So disappointed by this bag! The last thing you want is a bag to fight you and this one certainly does that by falling forward. If they had raised the front legs just 1'' it would be fine. RETURNING THIS BACKPACK.


Boone NC


One step forward, one step back


I once owned the previous version of the Switchback 22 and wrote a negative review about it after encountering the problem that many have written about here: the bag tipping over with the daypack attached. This latest model seems to have addressed that problem with some enhanced support at the base of the bag. Backpack straps also seem to be greatly improved. So I considered purchasing this version but then noticed that it is no longer a "Switchback 22." To meet "international" carry-on standards, it seems they have reduced the dimensions from 22 X 14 X 9 (maximum carry-on in U.S.) to 21.5 X 14 X 8, a loss of an inch-and-a-half around the bag. I really wish they still made a Switchback 22 instead of a Switchback 21.5. The quality of EagleCreek's products seems to have gone downhill in the last 20 years. The EagleCreek of today is not the EagleCreek I feel in love with back in the 90s.

Previously Disappointed Dude

Previously MD, now CT

As a repeat switchback owner DO NOT purchase this model


I have purchased several EC pieces and owned them for many years. I had a previous version from 2007 of the switchback that I had sent back over years and many trips worth of damage. The sent me back a new switchback Model 2434. So my review is of this model. After a years worth of travel both several trips domestic and international with 100% assurance steer anyone away from this product. My main issue with this model is that the foot bed that they have decided to use is no longer strong enough to hold the any weight of the suitcase or weight once you attach the backpack. The main reason I purchased this product back in 2007 was because I love this one particular feature - attaching the backpack to the carry on (useful in many situations.) The only way to attach the backpack to the carry on without having the entire piece topple over is by delicately trying to create balance by inserting the handle though the back of the backpack in reverse. Any other method would cause your luggage to topple over. As any traveler could imagine this is enormously frustrating in many travel situations. If you choose to zip your backpack onto the luggage no matter how light it might be I can assure you it will fall over. In many cases the main carry on has fallen over even without the backpack attached. When I recently called the warranty customer service line they were polite but told me that all heavy items should be placed in the bottom and lighter items on top. While that is all well and good 50% of this items function is to be able to work without falling over while having the backpack attached. In the more recent model I can see that they have enlarged the footing - I'm guessing because I am not the only customer with this issue. After being an avid promoter of EC products and loving many of their products for years I am uncertain I will ever buy an EC product in the future as they have told me they are not willing to replace or fix the footing.

Chica Traveler

San Diego, CA


Best Designed Travel Bags


I have flown from USA to Europe 3 times so far this year and have not seen one bag that even comes close to the Switchback. Constantly see other travelers with a backpacking a carryon but no one has the ability to pull both or carry both. I often leave the carry on at my lodging and just just the backpack for a day bag. With the "No Matter What" Warranty; I think this will be the last travel bag I ever need to own!


Las Vegas, NV


No turning back from Switchback!


Innovative design and quality materials make this a wonderful traveling companion. I was drawn to the the smaller day bag that attaches to the larger bag but I especially like the tall, sturdy handle; since I'm 6'2" that is always a concern when making a purchase like this. I was equally impressed with the customer service. Ronnie answered my questions and responded as promised with a follow up email. So pleased with the professionalism and prompt delivery. This was a fantastic purchase.



Works Great As A Backpack


This might be a little too early to write, since I'm only 2 weeks into my 5+ month trip but these are my thoughts for now... I bought this suitcase specifically because of my back issue, I can't carry heavy backpacks for too long or I get really bad pain in my lower back and hips, unfortunately. So, I wanted a suitcase that could turn into a backpack when needed, like being on a gravel road, sand, etc. This suitcase feels really comfortable as a back pack and came in handy when I had to walk into my campsite on the beach. So I think I made the right decisions :D The zippers are really thick and the fabric is really strong, which helps when I pack my suitcase weird and I have to pull the zipper hard to zip it up. The wheels feel sturdy and rolling the suitcase feels effortless. The 19L backpack actually feels bigger than 19L, which is a plus. I didn't have any troubles at all taking the suitcase on the plain, it's so obviously small enough to fit in the overhead compartment. Lastly, I am really impressed with how much stuff I can fit into the suitcase. I have the pack-it cubes, lots of other things in bags and still have room. That's all for now :)

Rebeca the Baby Nomad

Mission Viejo, CA


Great except for the wheels


The rubber covering on the wheels cracked and fell off. Hoping to get replacements




good buy


Great bag for a week's items. Flew with it coast to coast - both fit into overhead of a smaller plane. Was great to attach the smaller bag onto the bigger one for moving around between airport and hotel. pretty durable. backpack's zipper doesn't go all the way around so bit difficult to find things but I'm even using it as my laptop bag for work now. overall great.


san jose,ca


As a repeat switchback owner, really wanted to love this bag


Well, I should have returned the bag, but I decided to keep the extra and use it it for business travel--a decision I regret now. I gave the other one to my boyfriend for his birthday, and have been embarrassed about the quality ever since. We have been so disappointed by the switchback, worse than what we would have been if this was the first piece of luggage we'd purchased from Eagle Creek. We would have assumed all bags were this poor quality, and just chalked it up to a loss--but seeing how awesome my first switchback was, I knew this was not the case, and some poor choices (likely for cost savings during manufacturing) took an awesome bag, and rendered it useless. I used mine once, and it has sat in my closet ever since. The strap on the backpack broke after 2 hours of use, and the bag never stood upright. It falls over regardless of whether the backpack is attached to the handle or not. The dimensions aren't the same, I couldn't even pack it the same as my other switchback. I've gone back to using the switchback I bought from you guys in 2011 and aside from the pulls missing and some stains on it, it still is in perfect shape. That bag has never let me down. I can't say that for the new ones I purchased. My boyfriend has been very disappointed in his bag too, it doesn't pack like my old one, and also refuses to stand up. He doesn't use the backpack because the straps are flimsy and he doesn't want them to break on him while he's on the road, and deal with the awkward carry until the trip is over. I raved about your products to him, but feel like I got robbed on the last purchase. More than $800 in luggage, and I resorted back to an old model, and we've talked about how his travelpro is better for his weekly business travel. You guys can do (and have done) better than this. What can be done to make these bags useable, or upgrade to a different model that isn't suffering from the same quality and design flaws?


Spring, TX


Black Switchback™ International Carry-On Suitcase

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