Tarmac AWD 30

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The Tarmac AWD 30 is at the height of 4-wheeled luggage technology, boasting effortless mobility with an ultra-light, ultra-durable polycarbonate shell. Includes convenient and handy extras like lockable puncture-resistant zippers for extra security and features like Coat Keeper™, which allows you to secure outerwear to the top of the bag.

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Details & Features

  • Expansion zipper for more carrying capacity
  • Ultra-durable multi-directional AWD spinner wheels
  • Innovative Coat Keeper™ holds jacket to the top of the bag
  • Puncture-resistant lockable zippers with one convenient central lock
  • Built to withstand friction and harsh weather
  • Oversized treaded wheels built with heavy-duty wheel housing, skid plate and bumper protection
  • Reflective finger loop zipper pulls for easy access while wearing gloves
  • Padded sleeves for carrying and protecting your laptop or tablet
  • Secure gear with compression straps and external lash points

Product Specification

Capacity: 7325 cu in | 120 L Expanded Capacity: 7995 cu in | 131 L Dimensions: 20 x 30.5 x 14.5 in | 51 x 77.5 x 37 cm Expanded Dimensions: 20 x 30.5 x 16.5 in | 51 x 77.5 x 42 cm Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz | 5.13 kg Material: Bi-Tech™ Heather | 1000D Helix™ Poly Twill | Bayer™ Polycarbonate

Too Big & Too Small


The EC Tarmac AWD 30 is a good piece of luggage but it is too large for our purpose and comfort and the EC Tarmac AWD 26 is too small. The PROs for both pieces include: Easy to Roll, Easy Access to Contents, Easy to Carry, Strategically Located Handles, Comfortable Weight, and Great Wheel Housing, Wheels & Bumper Protection. The CONs include: too large capacity (packs easily much over 50 pounds) or too small capacity (can't fit up to 50 pounds), not too sturdy stitching and not too durable shell and zippers. After one of our luggage stitching unraveled while we were in Asia (thanks to duct tape we made it home) we had it replaced through the warranty with a Tarmac AWD 30 which we are not quite satisfied with. The 28 was no longer being made. We recently returned from a two month trip and again had to use duct tape to mend the plastic shell which cracked. Hopefully, we will be able to find a piece of luggage that is suitable to our needs. The perfect luggage for us (frequent & longer vacations/trips) is the EC Tarmac AWD 28 which is no longer being made. It had all of the desirable features as mentioned in the PROs and with improvements to eliminate the CONs it would definitely be a traveler's favorite.


Honolulu, Hawaii


Nice suitcase!


Stylish, roomy, quality suitcase. Just used it for a seven day cruise and had plenty of room for packing. It held up nicely and I don't expect any problems for years to come since it appears to be pretty well made.



I miss the old EC


I used to buy EC b/c the quality merited the price and they held up well despite being really lightweight, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Now other luggage brands have also come out with comparable options that are super lightweight and durable. I debated a long time about getting this 30" AWD b/c I liked a few of the improvements over the previous model (no more side buckles, matte instead of shiny polycarb casing, sturdier overall, nicer wheels). However, what is up with the crazy enormous branding? One of the reasons I liked EC was that their logos were generally pretty subtle or discreet. This new version has it plastered on the back in massive lettering. Ugh, gross. Also, why is the front tag pocket area white? Anyway, in the end, I decided to return it and opt for a cheaper and lighter option from another brand that has proven to wear just as well and that also came with lifetime warranty.




disappointed that is not the size of my old eagle creek lugg


did not buy it because of size I wanted the 26' and larger one for travel. I wanted AWD luggage. I did buy the 26" AWD Tarmac. Will use my larger older eagle creek for now


Big Timber MT


Excellent buy!


Very nice bag. Look forward to using it. Bought two companion pieces to match this one.



Nice and large


Despite the large size easy to move with the four wheels



Great bag except the zipper broke


So easy to travel trough the airport with. Completely disappointed that my zipper broke.

LL Cool Camp



Great Product


We had order Eagle Creek in the past and like the product. Luggage was lost in the August 2013 flood in our area


Saint Amant Louisiana


A really nice piece of luggage


I just returned from a one-week multi-country business trip in Central America. I'm pleased with the bag's maiden voyage. It rolls so easy and is almost effortless to maneuver through the airport. The suitcase has a good weight to volume ratio. The external pockets are good and I love that it comes with a bottle opener. We bought the green version. Unfortunately, the external materials do get scuffed up and show wear - this is probably not as noticeable on the black model, though. I am a little worried about the strength of the handles for lifting the bag, but with the warranty EC offers, I'm not going to worry that much. My wife just took the bag on a business trip to West Africa where it will get a tougher workout, so I'll update this review when she gets back if there's anything significant to report.

Kevin the Dev Worker

Takoma Park, MD


I would buy this item again


The seams/stitching and zippers can be improved

The Entrepreneur

Las Vegas


Black Tarmac AWD 30 Suitcase - Large Check-In

4.4 23