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Toiletry Kits


Keep Your Luggage Spill-Free with the Perfect Travel Toiletry Kit

Traveling in different climates can often require quite a few toiletries. While the usual suspects will be sure to show up such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, etc… different types of excursions can grow the list exponentially - sunscreen, bug spray, anti-allergy medication, body lotions and a whole other laundry list of products. These things are good to have on you, but they’re only as useful as your ability to find them in a pinch. Every Eagle Creek travel toiletry bag is designed to help you find your essentials quickly. More importantly, it’s designed to keep your toiletries contained (spills included!).

These handy packing organizers meet the needs of both shorter trips and longer travels. For a bigger haul, try the Pack-It Original Wallaby with a hanging feature to keep you organized in your hotel room as well. For a weekend getaway, the Pack-It Specter Quick Trip is the perfect pick with its water resistant lightweight fabric and room for your main essentials. Avoid bigger bottles by stocking your small toiletry bag with the Silicone Bottle Set, or carry it separately in its airplane approved spill-proof pouch. Explore the entire travel toiletry bag collection and find the perfect piece for your next adventure.