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Use the Undercover™ Hidden Pocket to keep important documents out of view. This hide-away pouch slips onto your belt and tucks into the waistband of your pants. Made of a lightweight nylon ripstop with moisture-wicking back panel, this pouch has two mesh pockets for Passport and currency.

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Details & Features

  • Slips onto your belt and tucks into the waistband of your pants
  • Belt loops in black and coffee to blend with belt color
  • Main pocket with two mesh pockets for organization of Passport and currency
  • Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel

Product Specification

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 in | 17 x 11 cm Weight: 1 oz | 28 g Material: 70D Nylon Ripstop, Wicking Knit Tricot Backing

Great product


This wallet is very light. Comfortable against the skin and barely visible even under tighter fitting knit tops. The strap is long enough that I could even wear it off to the side under my shirt. Compartments were perfect for what I needed. Passport, a couple of credit cards and some cash. I don't like to carry a purse in packed crowds like Uffizzi Museum. This wallet allows me to be hands free.



Wouldn't buy again.


Perfect size. Great design concept to conceal valuables, however we nearly lost all ours due to the poor quality of belt straps. It just came apart.






Was traveling in Barcelona and was warned about risk of pickpockets. Purchased this to protect money, credit cards. It was worn by my husband so the following represents his opinions. Served its purpose (although there was never a time in BCN where we felt targeted). Was difficult to discretely removed from within my pants. Never placed passports within it. Overall it held up for the trip and served its purpose.


Los Angeles, CA


Hide your money & passport


I will be able to hide my passport and money while touring in Europe in this slim pocket that attaches to my belt and lays in the inside of my pants.

Bill the golfer

Glassboro, NJ


Useless flimsy product that Eagle Creek doesnt stand behind.


After 3 days, the loop (just a thin ribbon) ripped off and I nearly lost my passport. The second loop (yuck... I had to use the brown loop on my black belt) nearly fell off 2 days later. 5 days into a 6week trip I no longer had a money belt. After further inspection inside the pocket, I realized that the stiches on the hem hadn't even been sewn properly as they missed most of the fabric it was supposed to tack down. Upon return home, I contacted Eagle Creek and informed them that this is a useless product made of poor material. They instructed me to send the product for warranty service. Mailing this product would cost more than the cost of the original product, and would not fix the fact that this was made out of VERY FLIMSY MATERIAL. Reported to them that I don't want warranty service, I just want to return the product. 4 times, they responded to me using the same robotic-like auto-reply telling me to mail at my cost to warranty service. No part of customer service wanted to listen to me tell them that they are manufacturing and selling a product that degrades the Eagle Creek name, and that they should stop selling it. They also didn't want to do anything to make things right (i.e. take back the product and either refund me the money or replace it with another similar price product). The last email response included "We can not assist you directly with this matter" followed by the same auto response "send this product at your cost to our warranty service". So, I am now left with a useless ugly tan colored cosmetic bag. The fundamental aspect of this product that is supposed to distinguish it from a standard zippered pocket is the belt loops. It is too bad that Eagle creek decided to cheap out and use flimsy material for those two loops, rather than using proper webbing. Recommendation: Don't buy this, or you risk loosing your passport. Other recommendation: think twice about Eagle Creek products as it doesn't seem that they are standing behind their products.

I used to like Eagle Creek Products

North America

Couldn't use this at all


I bought this to put my passport in, but couldn't use it for that. My passport fit in there just fine, (without a case only) but once I tucked it into my pants it was impossible to sit down without jabbing my leg or bending my passport. I would have to have my pants pulled up way over my bellybutton to make the pocket end before where my hips bend. I ended up not being able to use it at all and it just sat in my suitcase all vacation. Dissapointing!




A workable item


Workable but main pocket could be a little bigger

Once a year traveler





The wallet is strong and slim. The slippery fabric makes it easy to use.


Sarasota FL


Great product


I was traveling out west for 2 weeks and wanted something to hold my money beside my wallet. This was perfect.


Surfside Beach, SC


smaller then it used to be!


I love the hidden wallet and have used it for years when I travel.Recently I needed to replace it and was deeply disappointed to see that they have downsized the wallet.With my old version I could carry mylarge passport (extra pages inserted), airline tickets, ATM and credit cards, insurance and medical info,Euros, etc.The new smaller version is not adequate for my needs and I am also disapp

habitat for hum

pleasanton, ca.

Mocha Brown Undercover™ Hidden Pocket Travel Pouch - One Size

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