Undercover™ Leg Wallet

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Use the Undercover™ Leg Wallet to keep important documents out of sight. This international travel solution has zippered pockets for organization of Passport and currency. The straps stretch to secure around your lower leg, underneath your pants. Made of a lightweight nylon ripstop with a moisture-wicking and breathable back panel.

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Details & Features

  • Zippered pockets for organization of Passport and currency
  • Straps stretch to secure around lower leg
  • Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel

Product Specification

Dimensions: 7.5 x 8 in | 19 x 20 cm Weight: 1 oz | 28 g Material: 70D Nylon Ripstop, Wicking Knit Tricot Backing

not unless they offer discount on the new upgrade one!!


Great idea but the straps need a black plastic loop for it go threw and come back around for more control and little bit more tighter. price is little high.



Robbed while wearing leg wallet


While in Johannesburg, South Africa I was attacked by a group of approximately ten men. They hit me from the side and knocked off my glasses, then put me in a headlock from behind while tripping me, knocking me to the ground with one man holding my head in a position where I could only look straight up. Men held (one on each) down my arms and legs, while several men on each side when thru my pockets, another lifted up my shirt looking for a money belt, others checked my socks and shoes... It was over in seconds, they got away with $80 worth of Rand and a debit card. This happened at 2 in the afternoon, in an intersection, with hundreds of passerbys. I found my glasses and no one looked at me or said anything. They had not found my leg wallet with my passport, cash and credit cards. I have this leg wallet for at least eight years (using it always, as I travel a lot)and only now am thinking to buy my next one. The wallet still works well, only the velcro is a little fuzzy...

Ron the traveler

Tucson, Arizona


The Most Comfortable Travel Wallet


As a female frequent world traveler I find this to be the most comfortable travel wallet ever.It is cooler than around the neck or waist wallets and with slacks is easy to access.


Little Rock, AR, United States

Mocha Brown Undercover™ Leg Wallet Travel Pouch

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