Undercover™ Money Belt DLX

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Keep important personal identification and travel documents out of sight in this waist-worn, under-clothing money belt. It's made of a lightweight, durable ripstop fabric with moisture-wicking breathable back panel. Complete with two zippered pockets and a soft elastic waistband that tucks into the slip pocket on the back.

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Details & Features

  • Two zippered pockets for organization of Passport and currency and itineraries
  • Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel
  • Slip pocket on back for waist strap storage
  • Soft adjustable elastic waistband with strap keeper

Product Specification

Dimensions: 11.5 x 5 in | 29 x 13 cm Weight: 2 oz | 57 g Material: 70D Nylon Ripstop, Wicking Knit Tricot Backing






Perfect money belt





Product has fallen apart after 5 months


I bought this product to travel to Asia with. It has been used nearly every day for 5 months and in fairness, I expect some wear and tear. When I first received it, it seemed a little flimsy but due to its slim design, thought no more about it. Within 2 weeks of use, the stitching came away from the back of the pouch and as you can see, has continued to do so. A slight annoyance due to its cost and how new it was, but I persevered. Yesterday the clip snapped and now has rendered the pouch unusable. I am very disappointed due to the faith I had in the eagle creek brand at how poorly made this appears to be. If you purchase one, hopefully yours will last a bit longer.

Louise and Ashley



Great small belly band


I use this belt to hold horse treats when I ride. It was smaller than I expected and the pocket was tighter than I expected. But the quality was great and I love the elastic, clipped belt.




Undercover Everything


Since a very young age I had the problem of losing stuff on a daily basis. When I found this money belt over 15 years ago, my problem was solved. After many years of use, the closure on my belt broke. I had the Eaglecreek name on the belt so I knew where to look to see if I could replace it. I got this money belt in the dark brown color, and I love the internal changes that were upgraded to the belt. Subsections, etc. I use the undercover money belt everywhere I go. It is incredible how slender it is, yet I can fit everything I need to into the belt. It has 2 different sections. In one section I keep my car and house keys. In another section I keep my credit cards and Id's. I also keep my Driver's registration and car insurance info in the belt. Believe it or not I still have room for money and a piece of candy and even a lipstick. I put the money belt under the waist band of my pants and no one knows it is there. I just plain love this undercover money belt.

Notlosing M

Nice, CA

Europeon Vacation!


Best thing I bought for my trip to Italy June 2015. Its lightweight and held 2 passports, credit card and money. I wore it under my clothes, at times forgot it was there and would reach to touch it to make sure it was. A friend didn't have one and got his passport stolen from his pocket of his shorts. yes, by all means, invest in this for peace of mind!


Santa Cruz, Ca


Worked well in Italy


In my planning for travel to Italy, many friends said to be careful of pickpockets. It does seem to be a problem in Rome and other cities. This product was a last minute purchase and I'm glad I bought it.

Wonder Woman



undercover money belt


I have had one of your money belts in the past and needed a new one because the zipper had broken. I had had it a vey long time I know that i can depend on your company to make a durable,long-lasting and practical product. Thank you for not discontinuing the money belts. It is perfect!


San Diego


They never saw my Eagle Creek money belt


I was recently mugged on vacation overseas. The robbers intended to steal my gold chain and backpack holding my valuables during the scuffle that ensued, but they never saw the Eagle Creek money belt under my clothing holding the several hundred dollars I was carrying. I was scraped-up pretty badly, but the money belt was no worse for the wear.

Lucky traveler

San Diego, CA


Please change it back!


I have been stalking the Tarmac 22 here and will buy it again as soon as they bring back the old clamshell design. It used to have two functional compartment sides - one being the main compartment (with a built-in shoebag, invaluable) and the other built into an extra-deep lid. The lid side was several inches deep and was also divided into two wonderful sections, one a large compartment and one a smaller one (toiletries or underwear/socks). This used to be a genius design. Now the new Tarmac is a plain old suitcase with a flap for a lid, which you can get anywhere. I bought the old one, and I liked it so well I bought that year's 25, too. Now I would like to get another 22, but when I received this model and took one look at the sweeping changes, I sent it back. I'll buy it again when they bring back the old compartments.

Eagle Creek

San Francisco, CA


Mocha Brown Undercover™ Money Belt DLX Travel Pouch - One Size

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