USB Universal Travel Adapter Pro

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This grounded, 3-prong adapter accomodates 3-prong devices with its easy-to-use patented all-in-one country slider system to work in more than 150 countries. Also features integrated grounded USB charger.

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Details & Features

  • Grounded, 3-prong adapter adapts international devices to work in 150+ countries
  • Accommodates 3 prong devices
  • Patented all-in-one country slider system
  • Grounded dual 2.1A USB charger
  • Dual USB charge
  • Integrated surge overload protection
  • Power rating: up to 2200W

Product Specification

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 2 in | 6 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm Weight: 4 oz | .11 kg