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Extra Large Duffel Bags


Pack More with Your Eagle Creek Extra Large Duffel

For longer trips, more trip members or even lugging equipment from one end of the city to the next, oversized duffel bags are a key item to have on deck. Unlike the antiquated duffel bags of the past, an extra-large sized Eagle Creek duffel bag is designed to allow you to both pack in it AND actually move it! These big duffel bags are made of ultra-durable fabrics and are designed to be both lightweight and stain resistant. Each x large duffel bag can be found with different features to match your needs. Try the Cargo Hauler Duffel 120L / XL  for longer trips where you’ll mainly be traveling on foot. If you’re more likely to move from a two-day work conference in Scottsdale to a four-day trek by the Grand Canyon, you may want to opt for the more ground friendly option with the No Matter What Rolling Duffel XL.

If you’re really looking to keep organized, go for the complete travel set that joins the Eagle Creek Expanse Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel 32 with compression bags to organize your packing.

For your next big adventure, strike packing stress off of your to-do list by browsing the collection of Eagle Creek’s XL duffel bags today.